Monday, November 21, 2011

Beauty Tips!

PLUCK PLUCK PLUCK! Yes, plucking and waxing stings! But it MUST get done. Big eyebrows are actually back in style, and they look really pretty if they are trimmed properly and have a sharp end. Eyebrows with dull, rounded, un-plucked ends are not attractive, and could completely ruin your look.

For teenagers, it can be really hard to come by cute, cheap, quality clothes nowadays. But there are quite a few stores out there that have really good quality clothes for a good price! Here are some examples of what's in for teen girls:

Hollister- Good for beachy looks during the summer. Their prices can get a bit high, though!

American Eagle Outfitters- Good clothes for all year round! Their clothes are usually about medium-priced, but very good quality. Their sweaters are so warm and fuzzy during cold months!

Forever21 AND Rue21- They sell basically the same stuff, for around the same price. Forever21 has much more boho and hipster styles, though. The prices are quite cheap and you can get a pair of amazing heels for less than $30!

Aeropostale- Although around my school I hear that it isn't very popular anymore, they have very good, comfy clothes. Aero's sales are FANTASTIC, too! They always have 50% off and "Buy One Get One For A $1" sales whenever I visit them! Their branded t-shirts are made from super-soft material, and their lounge pants are amazing to wear around the house with UGGs! They also have very nice jeans!

Pacsun- This store is also awesome for summer looks! They are constantly have BOGO sales too, so you get more for your money!

Large bags are VERY in at the moment. A canvas Hollister or Aeropostale tote is very cute neutral item to take extra stuff with you to school! If you are going to a formal event though, like a dance, then a clutch is a pretty accent. Just make sure it looks cute with the rest of your outfit!

TOUCH UP TIME! If you have the chance, you should check your makeup every hour or two. You never know when you might have rubbed your eye and smudged your makeup, or have a piece of food in your teeth from lunch! Checking your face occasionally is a very good idea, and might keep you from embarrassment. Imagine talking to someone and then they tell you that you have something stuck in your teeth!

RAINBOW brand flip-flops are SUPER popular near the coastlines, and quickly spread to the middle of the country! The price runs a bit high though- They cost around $50 for ONE pair of flip-flops! If you wear RAINBOWs, or any pair of flip-flops for that matter, make sure your feet are scrubbed clean, and your toenails are cut straight and look nice! If you want to be extra cute, you can paint them to match your outfit!

Ladies, if you are going to wear a tank top, shorts, or a skirt, SHAVE YOUR ARMPITS AND LEGS! Shaving your legs gives them a smooth look and feel, which is very attractive!


If you have problems with an oily face and are constantly breaking out, there are ways to fix that!
Neutrogena, ProActiv, and Zeno HotSpot are all popular acne treatments. I've heard that baby powder also will soak up oil temporarily on your face, but it isn't very popular and it can hurt if you get it in your eyes! Bare Minerals makeup is also great if you're prone to breakouts- it is very light and airy, and nourishes your skin while wearing it!

If you wake up late one morning and don't smell so awesome, perfume/body spray will be your hero! Perfume is much stronger and lasts longer than body spray, so don't use too much of it our people may call you a hooker! Body spray is more of a subtle scent and fades quickly, so it would be a good idea to keep a bottle in your bag. Matching perfume and body spray is a really good find, because if you use the perfume in the morning and then the body spray when it fades! You will smell SO good all day! Scented lotion is also cool because it moisturizes and gives you a wonderful scent at the same time. A good place to find all of these is Bath & Body Works!

What To Wear On The Beach Or At The Pool
If you are thin and look good in one, wear a string bikini! As long as it isn't too skimpy, a string bikini will give you a nice, flirty look. Tankinis are also really cute if you are a bit more modest and still want to look good! If your are bigger, there is a lot of options out there too! A lot of larger girls wear tankini's too; usually a tankini consists of a tank-top like swim top and either boy short or hipster bottoms. If you are self-conscious and feel more comfortable in a one-piece, you don't have to settle for an ugly, plain one! Look online for cute one-piece swim suits, I promise you will find some really pretty ones! I like the ones with the little sewn-on ruffly skirts- so cute!

And remember- WEAR SUNSCREEN! Getting a tan is NOT worth getting skin cancer, or PREMATURE WRINKLES.... *shudder*.

Make sure you brush your teeth for AT LEAST one minute every night and every morning! Use whitening, anti-cavity toothpaste, and anti-bacterial mouthwash. Sensodyne is a really wonderful toothpaste- it has whitening agents, anti-cavity formulas, enamel-building formulas, stain-removers, and a subtle, minty taste and smooth feel! I use it, and my teeth are less sensitive and whiter! Listerine is a good mouthwash, even though it stings a little from the alcohol content. But the sting fades after a few seconds and you get used to it eventually, and it is REALLY good at destroying bacteria.

It's probably NOT a good idea to wear heels to school, if yours is like mine. We have 3 campuses- the main building with 4 stories, an extra-course building with 2 stories, and a technology-based campus (computer and business classes) with 3 stories that we have to take a shuttle bus to! Not a good place to wear heels! In school, you want to look pretty and fashionable but still comfortable. Good shoes to wear are moccasins, sandals, flip-flops, and casual athletic shoes like Converse.

Nails Nails Nails!
You nails should always be cut and taken care of properly! ULTA Beauty and Sally Beauty Supply sell really good nail care kits, with cuticle trimmers and oil, nail files, nail cutters, and more! Dead Sea Spa sells these really good nail exfoliating blocks that you rub on your nails to get all the dead cells off, then oil to put on it to make them grow shiny and healthy. If you want to get them done professionally, go and look around online and in a phone book and set up an appointment at a salon!

I hope this gave you a few tips on how to improve your looks!

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